Do Home Allergy Tests Really Work?

Home Allergy Test

When it comes to home allergy tests, all the information out there can be understandably confusing: some sources tout it as a miracle for improving your life, while others state that there’s no substitute for a visit to your local physician. The fact of the matter is that while plenty of companies will offer a too-good-to-be-true at-home testing kit on the cheap, they’re not going to tell you much about what’s causing your suffering, or what to do about it.

What makes AllergenIQ different is that you have a Board Certified Allergist Physician that works in consultation with you from the start, helping to assess your test results and craft a personalized regimen of sublingual drops to help eliminate your allergy-related suffering. 

Why Get Home Allergy Tests?

Many Americans suffer silently in an allergy crisis, with allergy-related illness ranking 6th in chronic illnesses in the US, with an annual productivity cost in excess of $18b. All too often we can ignore allergies because their effects might be relatively mild, seasonal, or the symptoms can simply be too ambiguous to warrant a trip to the doctor. The fact of the matter is that allergies are a medical issue that often affects the ability of individuals to live happy and healthy lives, and it’s one that requires identification and treatment.

It can be challenging to know what’s the best treatment for your symptoms if you’re not sure what’s causing them. An at-home allergy test is one way to find out what might be triggering your symptoms. Home allergy testing can be done quite easily. And having the right information can set you on a path to understand and better manage your symptoms.

Getting An Actionable Understanding Of Your Allergies

An allergy test on its own won’t tell you if you have an allergy. An accurate diagnosis of allergy requires both a test and a consultation with your doctor. Your medical history is the fundamental link between your allergy test results and being diagnosed with an allergy.  Most at-home allergy tests can only help you prepare for an appointment with your doctor to discuss your symptoms. Only a doctor can give you a diagnosis of allergy and access to the whole range of allergy management options. AllergenIQ brings this entire process into one simple, cost-effective platform.

The problem with most home allergy tests is that they may test for a singular allergy (giving you very narrow information) or giving you a blanket test type without understanding any of your symptoms. With AllergenIQ, your initial consultation with a Board Certified Allergist Physician allows you to get context from your test results, creating an actionable framework where you and your doctor can tailor your treatment to your specific symptoms with the goal of getting your allergies in check. 

Understanding IgE Vs. IgG Testing

Home allergy blood tests show your sensitization to specific substances by detecting IgE in your blood. This can give you an indication of an allergy to the tested triggers. To understand how this works and what this means for the interpretation of test results, we’ll explain what IgE and sensitization are.

What Is IgE?

Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is an antibody produced by the immune system and an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to identifying and understanding a potential allergy.

IgE antibodies are part of the body’s defense against foreign substances such as parasites. But IgE also plays a vital role in an allergic reaction to for example pollen, house dust mites, insect stings, and some foods.

An allergic reaction happens when your body treats a harmless substance as a threat and your immune system produces an unnecessary exaggerated response to the trigger. The body produces IgE antibodies specific to the trigger it’s trying to fight. These antibodies tell other cells to release certain chemicals.  And it is those chemicals that cause the annoying and sometimes even life-threatening allergy symptoms. AllergenIQ uses extremely accurate blood testing methods to identify these antibodies. This combined with an assessment and consultation with a board-certified allergist, the allergy ‘signal’ can be separated from the ‘noise’, giving you a clear understanding of what’s causing your suffering, and how to start on the path to treating it.

Board Certified Peace of Mind

You’re probably not a doctor, so why would your allergy test treat you like one? Far too many tests on the market produce results, but leave them in your hands, often forcing you to end up consulting with a local in-person physician anyway. So you pay for your at-home allergy test, then pay to go see a local doctor after you get your results. At AllergenIQ, we think something about this isn’t right. Your home allergy test should not only help you identify the allergies you’re suffering from, but it should also provide you with solutions to help ease that suffering.

In general, if you are not working in consultation with a physician, then a home allergy or clinic test is not helpful and can be very misleading. Through consultation with your MD, we can help to determine if there are false positive or false negative results with testing. They will also help to determine if you are a candidate for our personalized, sublingual immunotherapy program featuring customized allergy drops. 

Your Privacy Is A Priority 

When it comes to testing, AllergenIQ sends only third-party, CLIA lab-certified testing kits right to your door. This means that each and every test we send out meets the highest standards of safety and accuracy, called CLIA.

It’s a commitment to quality that AllergenIQ puts in every part of the process, also ensuring that your personal information and data is protected under government-mandated standards acts such as HIPPA.

So Why Take An At-Home Allergy Tests?

Ultimately, it’s about convenience. The AllergenIQ at-home testing program gives you the power to avoid costly and time-consuming trips to the doctor’s office, effectively allowing you to take your health into your hands, on whatever schedule you choose. Pairing this convenience with top-tier board-certified medical advice means that you can have peace of mind from the comfort of your home.

The AllergenIQ Journey is more than just a simple, single test. It is an entire journey that starts with our board-certified allergists getting to know a bit about you and their allergic symptoms. Unlike the typical at-home allergy testing companies, AllergenIQ gives our customers peace of mind that comes with allergy detection and identification, followed by education, and finally, innovative treatment delivered right to your doorstep.

Don’t let your allergies dictate your life any longer

Take our simple quiz to see if AllergenIQ at-home allergy testing is right for you.

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