Why a Pet Allergy Doesn’t Have To Control Your Life?

Pet Allergies

Why Get An Allergy Test?

While many Americans suffer from allergies – it is the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. – the culture has long been to a) either avoid the symptom causing allergens or to b) manage the suffering through over-the-counter medications. While both these approaches will mitigate suffering, they are only ever going to treat the symptom, and not address the root cause

But allergies are more than just an inconvenience, they are a medical issue: one that can effectively be tested and treated, even from the comfort of your own home. 

An at-home allergy test like AllergenIQ allows you to not only avoid costly trips to the doctor, but allows you to discover exactly what is causing your symptoms, and how to not just ‘treat’ the symptom, but to create a program with our board-certified allergists that addresses the root cause, setting you on a path to living allergy-free.

Pet Allergies In The US

Allergic diseases compose a serious challenge for individuals. The personal, medical and economic burden can be enormous. As humans spend most of their time indoors, exposure to indoor allergens is a significant contributor to the development of allergy symptoms such as itchy watery red eyes, itchy nose, sneezing and coughing. Allergens from these and other mammals spread effectively and they are encountered widely in public places. If patient education, allergen avoidance and allergy medications do not suffice for controlling the symptoms of pet allergy, allergen immunotherapy (allergy drops) can be an extremely attractive treatment option.

Navigating Pet Allergies

Pets are often a cornerstone of our homes lives, and for many it’s no exaggeration that their animals represent their ‘fur family’. This more than often means that those who live with pet allergies do so daily for years on end, the alternative of giving up their animal being the greater evil. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With effective, accurate testing and a personalized regimen of immunotherapy drops crafted by a board certified allergist, anyone can set themselves on a path to happily, healthily living with their pets in the future.

When Management Isn’t An Option

For many individuals that suffer from pet allergies, the solution amounts simply to mitigating the presence of the allergen inside the home and at best, trying to reduce the systems. If you’re reading this article now, you’ve no doubt probably scrolled through similar pieces that recommend a litany of intensive and expensive ‘solutions’, including:

  • High-tech secondary filtration systems for the home
  • Diligent cleaning regimens, including designated ‘no-pet’ areas of the home
  • Daily ingestion of antihistamines
  • Seeking out specially-bred animals designed to reduce the most common effects
  • Round after round of invasive (and uncomfortable) injections
  • Avoiding close, familiar contact with friends, families and colleagues that you know who own pets. 

Though many pet owners have gone down these roads (and others), at AllergenIQ we believe that the solution for pet allergy sufferers lies in our at-home testing system: one that combines the convenience of an at-home test with the peace of mind of consultation with a board-certified allergist.

Unlike the typical at-home allergy testing companies, AllergenIQ is a full-suite at-home allergy solution: allergy detection and identification, followed by education, and finally innovative treatment delivered right to your doorstep.

Ultimately, we think the right solution is the one that you can seek out conveniently. When nearly 67% of US homes include a pet (and rising) altering your life in the hopes of allergen mitigation or avoidance isn’t a viable solution. 

Identifying Pet Allergies Using At-Home Testing

When it comes to identifying pet allergies in the most reliable, accurate way, there’s no substitute for IgE blood testing. This is why it’s the only method AllergenIQ employs, sourcing third-party tested kits from certified labs to ensure that you can have the accuracy of an in-person allergy test from the convenience of your own home. 

But what is IgE?

IgE is Immunoglobulin, and it’s an antibody that is produced naturally by our bodies when we are exposed to stimuli we’re allergic to. 

For most people, IgE antibodies are an essential part of our bodies reaction to things that might compromise our immune systems, helping to shore up our defences against them. For those that suffer from allergies, these antibodies go into overdrive and are produced when everyday allergens are perceived as a threat. This overreaction causes the kind of symptoms that we associate and know as ‘allergies’. This might mean a running nose, sneezing or headaches, but it also might mean – in the most extreme cases – life-threatening anaphylaxis. Though we often blame the allergen itself for these effects, it’s actually the body’s own inability to regulate IgE: for allergy sufferers the body is attacking itself.

So Why Take An At-Home Allergy Test?

At AllergenIQ, we believe that an at-home allergy test shouldn’t mean sacrificing industry leading testing, medical advice, and treatment for convenience. While the AllergenIQ program gives you the ability to avoid expensive and time-consuming trips to the doctor, it delivers the same kind of high-quality, blood-based IgE testing that the best practitioners provide in-person. 

But it’s more than just a test. Once your results are processed at our CLIA-certified labs, you get the piece of mind that comes with your own personal, private consultation with one of our board-certified allergists, who will walk you through your results and help you tailor a custom treatment option specifically for your unique needs. 

Allergy identification, education, and treatment. That’s AllergenIQ.

Don’t let your allergies dictate your life any longer

Take our simple quiz to see if AllergenIQ at-home allergy testing is right for you. 

A journey to a happier, healthier you is only a few clicks away. 

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