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A Silent Threat to Employees

Alleviate allergies. Promote wellness. Boost engagement.


Over 25% of U.S. adults suffer from allergies. That means 1 out of every 4 people you employ spends much of the year suffering from environmental and dietary triggers. 

Not only do your health insurance premiums have to bear that burden, but you have to pay in terms of absenteeism (or presenteeism for those who choose to come in sniffly).

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How We Help Employers Get Relief

Our convenient approach to online allergy care helps employers improve…

Less absenteeism


We manage allergies remotely, reducing the need for time off.

Better health


When you look out for their wellbeing, they’ll look out for yours.

Extreame care


Employees perform better when they’re not suffering allergic symptoms.

Who We help

Kids, too.

If your employees don’t suffer directly, then there’s a 40% chance one or more of their children do. Caring for children with seasonal and food allergies costs U.S. families nearly $30 billion a year, not to mention the uncalculated costs of having to call in sick and/or take time off to get to the allergist.

Whether your employees are allergic or not, odds are the vast majority of your people are experiencing the pain that allergies cause. And their suffering is your suffering.


Simplified, Convenient Care

There’s no need to burn a half-day to send employees to the allergist. Getting your people the care they need is as simple as giving them a few moments and a quiet space to get on a video call with our team.

Comprehensive Allergy Care

We’re revolutionizing the way people get care for their allergies.



Sync up with your allergist-led care team. Anytime. Anywhere.



Fit your allergies into your lifestyle… not the other way around.



We’re in it with you for as long as you need us.

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