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We treat seasonal allergies, pet allergies, indoor allergies, asthma, eczema, and food allergies.

We help you manage your child’s allergies, asthma, eczema, and food allergies in a personalized program that includes consultation, treatment,and planning from our allergist-led team of experts. We also coordinate with pediatricians, coaches, teachers, and nurses to ensure your child’s various caretakers know how best to keep them safe.

Because parents of allergic kids typically have allergies too, we also provide services for adults. Whatever your age or family status, we can help you find relief.

We are a pediatric and adult allergy platform that serves kiddos and the parents that love them—from 6 months to 60 years of age.

We are sublingual immunotherapy allergy experts, using sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) to treat both environmental and food allergies without the need for shots and regular in office appointments. 

Take our quiz and schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can tailor a treatment for you.

SLIT is a form of allergen immunotherapy which involves placing your allergen extract under the tongue. It works by gradually desensitizing the immune system to the allergen, which reduces the severity of allergic reactions over time. We use this treatment to treat allergic conditions such as seasonal allergies and food allergies. .

A growing body of evidence shows that SLIT can help to desensitize children and adults to various food allergies. Using the same delivery mechanism as environmental SLIT, food SLIT trains your immune system to stop overreacting to certain foods.

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Your initial visit with AllergenIQ will be a virtual consultation that allows our team to learn about you or your child’s allergic conditions and develop a personalized treatment plan. There’s no need for you to miss work or for your kiddo to miss part of their school day. We respect your time and want to make things convenient.

In-person consultations will be arranged on an as-needed basis.

Telemedicine can facilitate discussions about allergy history, symptoms, and may guide you to at-home allergy tests. In-person testing, such as skin tests, may be recommended based on your specific situation.

Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of your health information. Our care platform complies with all relevant healthcare privacy regulations to ensure confidentiality.

Payment details are typically provided during the appointment scheduling process. We accept various payment methods, and some services may be covered by insurance.

Payment details are typically provided during the appointment scheduling process. We accept various payment methods, and some services may be covered by insurance.

We accept cash payment for our services.

"Review Extremely professional, caring, and informative. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an allergist!"


"Very friendly,kinda,helpful,easy to talk to,they go above and beyond to look into what is going with you!!!! I am very happy with them!!!!!"

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"Dr. Mireku is awesome. I’ve been having allergy issues for quite some time and finding her was the best thing for me. She is very attentive, breaks down and explains things very well. Highly recommend her"


"Kind, thorough, and very detailed in providing several treatment options for you. Excellent with kids too! Excellent Experience"

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