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Ripe for Investment

120 million Americans suffer from chronic allergy-related conditions, and that number is growing. Families spend over $150 billion a year treating chronic allergies. On average, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency every 3 minutes.

So much for demand, what about supply?

Access to allergy care is not keeping up with demand. Board-certified allergists are in short supply, waits to establish care are excessively long. Among people of color, access is especially challenging. This makes for an abundance of missed diagnoses and a dearth of basic tools for prevention (immunotherapy) and intervention (epi-pens).

Moreover, the majority of allergy care happens outside the doctor’s office. It falls to parents and patients to manage medications, mitigate allergen exposure, manage diets, prepare alternate meals, and maintain open lines of communication with doctors, nurses, teachers, coaches, neighbors, etc. The stress of managing a child’s allergic condition is taking a real toll on parents—not to mention having to deal with their own.


The AllergenIQ Difference

Our innovative whole-person approach to allergy care is meeting the needs presented by the market and the individuals that inhabit it. Our allergy care platform combined with use of telehealth is solving the access problem, while our integrated team alleviates the burden imposed by allergy management.

Where patients and parents have been tearing their hair out to manage an impossibly complex set of variables, our allergist-led team of experts is stepping in to provide a comprehensive plan and coordination between all the appropriate stakeholders.

The difference? Better prevention and treatment for patients, peace of mind for parents, and a proven, sustainable business model ready to scale with increasing demand.

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